To have your questions answered or to schedule an appointment, use one of these options:

Calling is a good choice if you have several questions you would like to get answered all at once. Keep in mind that counselors cannot provide any therapy until you have read and agreed to our informed consent forms. Our regular administrative hours (for answering the phone) are 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday. During regular business hours I might be with a client. When contacting us outside regular hours, or if we happen to be busy and unable to answer the phone when you call, please leave your name, number and the best time to reach you. We will return your call as soon as possible (usually within 4 hours).

All correspondence is held in strict confidence.

To maintain an active status and keep scheduling privileges, expect to keep a regular appointment (at least every other week). Clients who keep their appointments and schedule more frequently are given the highest scheduling priority.

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Appointment Availability

Matt is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 1pm to 8pm. Appointments are also available on Saturdays for those who are willing to schedule at least 2 appointments back-to-back and pay the standard fee.

Counseling is available by appointment only (walk-in appointments are not available). Appointments are given on a first-come-first-serve basis, but we will make an effort to see clients in crisis as soon as possible. Most of the time you will be able to schedule an initial appointment within 1 to 3 weeks.


New Reflections does not offer emergency services and does not maintain 24/7 appointment availability or guarantee you will be able to speak to someone when you call. New Reflections helps people who are suicidal or in crisis only during a regularly scheduled appointment. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency call 911 or go to your hospital's emergency room.

Steps to Your First Appointment

  1. Get Your Questions Answered
  2. Schedule Your Appointment
  3. Receive Confirmation Email
  4. Fill out Paperwork
  5. Complete Your First Session

Sessions are 50 minutes in length. Before your first session please complete the initial paperwork using the quick start link in your confirmation email. Or, you can request a printed copy and plan to arrive 30 minutes early to start the paperwork. This paperwork is important because it contains detailed questions about the reasons you are seeking counseling. Filling it out ahead of time will save time during your session.

Starting with your first session, your counselor will go through a fairly structured interview. Completing this initial diagnostic assessment usually takes one or two sessions depending on how many people are involved and the complexity of the situation presented. After the assessment, you have the option to work with your counselor to develop a specific plan for treatment. This plan can be as detailed or general as needed to accomplish your goals. For most of our clients, a formal written plan is not needed; instead, you and your counselor will communicate about treatment options as needed.

Clients seeking marriage or family counseling may want to schedule more than one session for the initial appointment to ensure there is enough time for all involved to share (50 minutes can go by especially quickly with more than one person involved).

How to Pay for Counseling

The standard rate for 50 minutes is $155. Discounts can reduce the cost to down to $100 for those who need it. Read more details about discounts, the cancellation policy, and using HSA accounts.

Meeting Options

Face-to-Face Counseling

Traditional counseling in the sense that you travel to our office. This is the best format for dealing with any concerns mild to severe. Meeting face-to-face allows client and counselor to be fully present with each other. Your counselor will be able to observe your facial expressions, reactions, movements, tone of voice, and much more. This type of counseling provides the best opportunity to help you grow emotionally. Counseling can provide a client the care, nurturing, and attention they haven’t been able to yet receive. When meeting face-to-face is not possible, convenience counseling is a good second choice, and has positives too. However, nothing can replace relating face-to-face as God originally intended.

Convenience Counseling

Convenience counseling (also called technology-assisted or online) is more accessible to more people more of the time. We can use Phone, Video, Chat, or Email to meet for an appointment. We provide counseling/coaching for non life-threatening concerns. If your need turns out to be urgent or life-threatening, your counselor will encourage you to find a counselor you can meet with face-to-face and may decline to provide further services if you cannot meet face-to-face.

Read more details about online counseling services.

Intensive Counseling

One session (50 minutes) is sometimes not enough time to catch-up on what has happened since your last session, move into your concerns, let insight develop, and experience the changes you want. Intensive counseling means scheduling more sessions in a shorter period of time. For example, instead of meeting for one session every other week, you might schedule a 2-session appointment every week or every other week. Some people will want to schedule multiple blocks of 2-sessions in a weekend or within a week. Intensive counseling has these advantages:

Health Policy

Please review our health policy about not smoking and procedures for elevated health risks.

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