Professional Counseling for Emotional Healing

Because every person who attends counseling is unique, every counseling session will be different. The solutions that help are highly customizable, within the training and abilities of the counselor. The following describes the approach to counseling I have developed from over 20 years of experience.

I provide professional counseling for individuals and couples using a form of therapy I call Christian-Identity Therapy (CIT). The goal of CIT is to bring your self-image into alignment with your God-given identity. Having your self-image out of sync with your true identity can produce a significant level of discomfort. Most people cope with this pain through distraction and numbing. But grieving and lamenting are healthier options because they communicate any emotional pain directly to God.

CIT is an insight-oriented therapy. It helps you build awareness of your identity so you can grow into who God made you to be. Your identity is who you are. Your self-image is who you think or feel you are. Your identity can’t change, while your self-image changes frequently. Life’s challenges (sin, loss, abuse, and neglect) and creation’s curse can seriously distort your self-image so that you can no longer comprehend who you are. The resulting confusion prevents God’s people from thriving.

Learn about Christian-Identity Therapy including symptoms, techniques, and benefits.

Learn about scheduling an appointment.

Counseling for Individuals

Adults (18 and over) meet one-on-one with your counselor (receive the attention you need).

Counseling for Relationships

Counseling for Groups

You and other clients who want to experience a therapeutic community facilitated by a professional. Group counseling is an excellent way to experience a safe community to help you heal.

New groups form around the topics of Matt's books such as identity (see book list below). Currently only available if you know of at least 4 other people interested in group therapy. To learn what groups are available, or ask a question, contact Matt.

Counseling for Families

Matt's Low or No Cost Resources

Would you like to gain a head start on your counseling or move at an accelerated pace? Or maybe you can’t afford one-on-one personalized attention at this time? I created several books and other resources to help accelerate your growth:

Are you looking for a resource that I do not have yet? Tell me what you want and I might be able to create it for you.

Other Ministries and Helpful Information

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