Searching for mental health information on the Internet is easy but there is so much information that it can be confusing to know if what you found applies to your situation. A professional Christian counselor can learn who you are and then answer questions, provide psychological insight customized for you, and develop an ongoing relationship to help you explore personal issues — all from a biblical perspective. New Reflections Counseling (NRC) wants to connect you with an expert in spiritual, emotional, and mental health who is ready to give you individualized help.

Note:If you live outside of Ohio and cannot travel to one of our offices, we provide Christian Coaching instead of Christian counseling. The two have a lot in common. The main difference is counseling can focus on mild to severe concerns, while coaching is only for mild to moderate concerns.

Christian Counseling Online

Online counseling – “e-therapy” – is talking to a professional counselor through the Internet to give you the perspective, knowledge, and support you need to grow beyond your current troubles. You can meet with a professional for personal counseling, coaching, or advice from the privacy of your own computer. Using the Internet, professional counselors are forming effective helping relationships with people like you. Your concern may require only one session to address a focused question. Some concerns require an ongoing conversation. Online can be via live chat or via email.

E-therapy is a viable alternative when face-to-face counseling is not accessible. It’s effective. It’s private. It’s conducted by skilled, qualified, and ethical professionals. And for some people, it’s the only way they can get help from a professional counselor.

How does Online Compare with Face-to-Face?

Online counseling is different than traditional face-to-face counseling. There are ways online counseling is better than face-to-face counseling and ways face-to-face counseling is better. Online counseling is not a substitute for traditional counseling. NRC believes that people recover because of the therapeutic relationship between client and counselor. Online counseling lacks part of the experience of the relationship (experiencing the physical presence of one another is important for growth). If you have the opportunity to see a counselor face-to-face, NRC recommends you consider this option.

Why Online Counseling?

Sometimes, it is not possible or practical to see a counselor face-to-face:

Online counseling is:

In fact, online counseling is also called “convenience counseling” and “technology-assisted counseling”. If you cannot visit a counselor’s office, online counseling can be a helpful and effective alternative.

Can You Form a Helpful Relationship Using Technology?

Online relationships can have a remarkable intensity and intimacy that is very real – not imaginary. Some degree of anonymity can provide an opportunity to take more risks. Many people reveal intimate thoughts and feelings much more easily over the Internet than they do face to face.

When is Online Counseling not Appropriate?

Online counseling is not appropriate when:

Why Should You Pay for Help?

If participating in a support group or reading self-help information is all the help you need, then that’s wonderful. However, certain situations and difficulties are tougher to deal with alone. A professional counselor has developed specialized techniques of caring which have the potential to change your life, even when you have deep and persistent problems. This describes professional counseling — the intervention of a human being who has the specialized knowledge, training, skill and experience to help.

The assistance of a professional can help you identify your needs, enabling you to deal with them faster and more reliably through specialized treatment techniques. If you needed an antibiotic for an infection, wouldn’t you go to your doctor for the right treatment? Why deny yourself proper care for your emotional health? Unfortunately, most people take better care of their cars than their own emotional health. It is healthy to have an emotional/spiritual/psychological tune-up too.

How Can We Do This?

All forms of convenience counseling require a form of payment up front (usually a credit card).

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