The following are the financial terms by which New Reflections Counseling (NRC) agrees to provide services. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit/debit bank card.

Standard Fee

Available Discounts

The standard fee will be used for your first appointment. Starting on your second appointment discounts are available for clients who need it, for weekday appointments. Saturday appointments are available for clients who want to schedule 2 or more sessions at a time. After discounts, fees are rounded to the nearest dollar and $100 is the minimum fee.


If your income is below $150k/year, your fee can be reduced to $131. If your income is below $79k/year, your fee can be reduced to $106. Income means total household before taxes including all forms of assistance (financial, retirement, housing, interest, alimony, etc.). You are responsible for notifying NRC of any permanent changes in income. This discount is not available on Saturdays.

Cash or Check

If you pay with cash or check receive a 3% discount. For cash, you must bring exact change. For check, your check must clear or you will be responsible for a $30 Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee – this is in addition to any fees your bank charges.

Advance Payment

If you pay in advance for sessions you will use by the end of the next calendar month:

Payment is Due at the Time of Service

Payment in full of the agreed upon fee is due by the end of each session. For online or phone services, payment is expected before service is provided until the client establishes a favorable payment history. Client contact information, scheduling and payment history might be released to NRC's designated collection agent when payment becomes thirty (30) days overdue, at which time you will be responsible for an additional $40 collection fee. Before this happens, NRC will contact you at least once. Further appointments might not be scheduled until the balance is paid in full. Counseling might be terminated for failure to pay.

Payment Required for Missed or Cancelled Appointments

Appointments are reserved specifically for you. As a courtesy to your counselor and others who might want your appointment time, let your counselor know if you are unable to keep your appointment.

If you do not notify before 10 am the business day before your appointment (i.e. Friday when your appointment is Monday), you must pay the fee for the time you scheduled.

Cancellations are not valid until your counselor confirms receipt of your notification (usually by email or phone). Exceptions are limited to an act of God concerning you, your spouse, or your children (illness, death, car accident, severe weather emergency). Difficulties related to work or obtaining a baby-sitter do not count as acts of God. Schedule your appointment when responsibilities (work, children, etc.) will not interfere. If you miss your appointment without notification or develop a pattern of canceling you may be asked to pre-pay future sessions or service may not be provided.

Use of Health Accounts and Insurance

Yes! Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts are an excellent way to pay for our services using non-taxed money. Our clients have successfully used HSA or FSA money to pay for counseling. Clients with HSA, FSA, or insurance can pay NRC directly and submit a receipt to their bank or insurance for reimbursement. NRC's Merchant Category Code (MCC) is 7277 Debt, Marriage, Personal-Counseling Service. To directly use your debit card your bank must accept this MCC. Otherwise, you can pay with personal funds and seek reimbursement for the medical expense. Upon your request, NRC will supply you with a receipt accepted by insurance companies. NRC will do this free of charge once a month.

Benefits of Self-Pay

Clients who pay directly for their counseling gain the following benefits:

Fee Modification

Fees are subject to increase on a yearly basis. NRC will give established clients at least three (3) months’ notice of any increase.

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